Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring has Sprung

Every year about this time I get the itch to start digging (gardening that is).  You’d never know from my front yard, which stays pretty presentable…. neat, clipped and manicured thanks to a little sweat and the sprinkler system, that my back yard is sorely abused.  Big Lab paws create pathways and makeshift beds (holes). Toys are scattered around the yard like litter.   But when the weather turns nice I start imaging how beautiful the backyard could be with a little careful planning.  Pots are out (they were long ago relegated to the front or side yard because of puppy plant fascination).  I think Chuy, my black Lab, has grown out of the “play with pot” phase but I’m not willing to risk the shredding of a beautiful plant by putting it in his reach. 
Planting native Texas plants in beds seem like a no-brainer but care should be given to the toxicity of the plant.  You’d be surprised to learn how many plants can be toxic to your pets.  The Home Depot representative at the return center was surprised to learn that Lantanas are highly toxic when I returned a flatbed full of them (it’s a shame, they would have looked great in the flower bed next to the fence)!