Friday, March 7, 2014

Below is an account of Sanford’s first few hours in foster care.  You may remember that Sanford is a big, beautiful yellow guy who was lacking some doggie manners from not having had enough people interaction; his size and rambunctiousness made him a hard to place foster.  Thanks to Amanda (a Dog Trainer) for showing Sanford what family life is all about - From Amanda:

A quick, 1st night update on the San-Man...
He's doing just great!  We ran into Petsmart before heading home and got a Gentle Leader (which he took to very nicely) and two chew bones, one for him and one for my Beau. He got a bunch of compliments in Petsmart from customers and employees.
He rode great in the truck once he had his bone and after he finished it stuck his head out the window (rolled down just far enough for his head!) and had the most hilarious flap-jaws.   I think he liked how it felt because he kept turning into the wind every time his lips would stop flapping!  He looked so funny; I saw people in two other cars pointing and laughing!
He learned to use the dog door before I could even get over there to show him how! Fastest learner of the dog door I've ever had.  Usually I tell Beau 'outside!, he demonstrates and then I hold the flap open while my boyfriend Rocky stands outside with a treat.  Sanford watched Beau and then pushed the flap back open and out he went!  Same thing coming in, watched Beau once and that was that. They raced around the backyard for 30 minutes peeing and chasing then we went in.  The boys settled down on dog beds and took a 2 hour nap!
We've said his name literally hundreds of times with lots of ear rubs and treats, he's now responding to it pretty well, about 80% of the time.  I think he's getting the hang of 'go potty' and 'good tee-tee' as well. We haven't had any accidents inside. He started to lift his leg on a big potted plant (I can't blame him too much, it looks like a tree!) but he stopped as soon as I said 'No!'
This evening we learned to sit and he's now doing it on voice and hand command; we'll see if he remembers in the morning. Tomorrow we are having a walk on the Gentle Leader, learning to use the clicker, and going to the Zilker kite festival.
Beau has been teaching him some 'doggie manners' like 'that's my bone, don't touch it', 'wait your turn when we are drinking from the hose' and 'don't jump on the couch or mom's bed those are MY spots!', oh and most importantly, 'you may play with all of my hundreds of toys except for my baby, the stuffed foxy!'
I set up his crate but he's been doing so well I haven't put him in there yet.  He's sleeping on his dog bed right next to my bed right now
I've got matching bandanas on him and Beau and my mom's making him one with a big ADOPT ME!! sewn on it.
There will be lots of photos and videos as he is soooo handsome and quite photogenic!
Oh, I almost forgot the funniest thing.  He 'buries' his bones inside.  First he pushed a large potted plant about a foot out from the wall, dropped the bone behind it, behind it not in the dirt, and then shoved the plant back against the wall.  Before bed he nosed my zip-up notebook, which was on the floor leaning against the bedside table, out of the way, shoved his bone half under the table, and then pushed the notebook on top of it. He was getting frustrated because the notebook kept sliding off the bone but he kept after it, readjusting bone and notebook 7 or 8 times until it balanced and hid the bone to his satisfaction. So funny!  I wish is gotten a video but I was so busy watching and laughing I didn't even think about it but I have a feeling he'll 'bury' again.
He likes to have something in his mouth but he's not very mouthy, if that makes sense.  He also hasn't barked at all; I'm hoping Beau doesn't teach him how! I'm happy to say he hasn't humped again since the initial 'hello hump'.   And that determined streak is great! He's not exactly stubborn he just really wants to try it his way :)
Well, I thought it was going to be a quick update, but he's such a joy I just had to share all!
Thanks so much for letting me take him and for all the awesome hard work y'all do saving these fabulous dogs.