Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top 10 Reason’s to Foster a Heart of Texas Lab Rescue Pup

1.   Animal shelters are scary places.
2.   It’s hot.  Dogs need a friend and air-conditioning!

3.   There are only reruns on TV; a Lab would provide hours of entertainment and help you start an exercise routine.  All that, with a bonus of unconditional love.

4.   Fostering would be a great summer project for that teen in your house that loves dogs and would benefit from taking on a community service project (with your supervision of course).
5.  Labs come in all sizes and special needs; we’ll try to match your requirements (cat friendly, exercise level, etc.).

6.  Your assistance will help us place the dog with the perfect forever home (think bragging rights)!

7.  Your pet could get a new BFF and help socialize a Lab that is eager to join his or her forever pack.

8.  It does not take as much time as you think; the sweet pup is grateful for your attention and will learn quickly (they are a smart breed and adaptable).  Fostering can be as long-term or short-term as you would like.

9.   Every day you will see changes in your foster that will amaze and tug at your heart strings; Labs are resilient and so eager to please.  You will be very proud of the work you have done.
10.   The Heart of Texas Lab Rescue is in desperate need of fosters.  Without fosters we cannot save the lives of so many wonderful dogs.  If you can’t foster, please help spread the word of our need to family and friends, you might be surprised at who steps up.

Volunteer at:  www.hotlabrescue.org

Submitted by Paula. Miner, Heart of Texas Lab Rescue Volunteer Coordinator