Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HOTLR Labs Attend Kids Camp

Each summer Hearts and Paws Kennel located in North Austin holds a three week summer camp. Kids attending camp bring their dogs and learn how to care for and train dogs. Sometimes kids don't have dogs or a family with multiple children doesn't have enough family dogs to go around. That's where Heart of Texas Lab comes in. Heart of Texas is proud to provide dogs from our adoption program to children who may not have a dog for camp.

This year's canine "campers" were two lucky girls. Saba came to us in February as a puppy from Brownwood, Texas. Miss Madison has been with HOTLR since May and was rescued from Town Lake Animal Shelter. Both girls were in need of some basic training, but more importantly were looking for someone to teach them and lead the way. Madison was assigned to Ryan and Saba spent two weeks at camp and worked with Olivia and Anna. The kids teach the dogs the basics - like sit, stay, down and heel and also get to work them on an agility course. This helps the dogs learn confidence which is just as important as good manners. At the end of the week, the kids and their dogs put on a show demonstrating all they have learned during the week. There is also a skit and costume party to round out the end of week festivites.

Heart of Texas Lab would like to thank Ryan, Olivia and Anna for doing such a good job with our dogs. We'd also like to thank Diana Smith of Hearts and Paws for inviting our dogs to attend Kids Camp. Madison and Saba say, "4 Paws Up for a great time!!!"

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