Monday, August 24, 2009

The Huck has Hounds Howling with Happiness!!!

How many tennis balls have you bought over the lifetime of your retriever? I, for one, was buying my tennis balls in bulk at Costco. I have no idea over the last 11 years how much money I have spent on the yellow furry balls, but its probably enough to purchase a sporting goods store of my own. Unfortunately, tennis balls are not the most durable dog toy ever invented. And as I learned from my veterinarian, chewing on tennis balls is not good for a dog's teeth as the yellow furry stuff actually acts like sand paper causing grooves in the dog's teeth that can trap bacteria and actually wear down the tooth enamel and the tooth itself.

So I set out on a quest and searched high and low for the perfect ball for a retriever. One that would last a long time, resist destruction and float. I discovered the Huck ball designed by West Paw products in a local pet store. We have had the Huck ball for over three years and as long as we don't lose it, I don't think we'll ever need another ball. Its made from an extremely durable one of a kind eco friendly material and comes with a one time replacement guarantee against doggy destruction.

Other unique features of the ball include grooves in its design causing it to bounce unpredictably. The grooves also allow the dog with a smaller mouth to grab it in just the right spot. The other cool feature of the Huck ball is that although its made of heavy duty material, the ball totally floats. It makes a great water retrieving toy as well. Our dog Rio knows its "her" ball and has no desire to touch a tennis ball.

It also comes in two sizes, large which I purchased for my Lab, and small. The smaller size is nearly the same size as a tennis ball and according to the company "is compatible with toys that throw tennis balls". Although the Huck costs about $8.50 for the small ball and $12.50 for the larger version, the money I am saving by not buying tennis balls has paid for the Huck over and over.

Reviews of the ball on the company's website while mostly favorable, did occasionally contain a negative comment that the ball was not suitable for super aggressive chewers. However, I've not experienced any problems with the ball even when it was given to a nine month old Lab puppy. Of course, it is always recommended to not leave your pet unattended with any toy, and the Huck is no different.

Should you decide to transition your dog from tennis balls to the Huck, I recommend picking up all tennis balls and allowing your dog no choice but to play with the Huck. Shortly, he should begin chasing the Huck like its the only ball he's ever known. And you will never have to buy another tennis ball again.

West Paw design also carries other toys for dogs and cats as well as dog beds and blankets. They use only high quality non-toxic environmentally friendly materials and manufacture their products right in the USA in Bozeman, Montana. Their mission is to provide high quality durable products for your pet while making as little environmental impact as possible. To check out their other cool stuff and learn more about the company, visit their website:

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  1. I ordered a Huck for Elanor, who we adopted in November. It came today, and was an instant hit. We played fetch in the backyard for a long time, both Elanor and I were having a blast! I was having so much fun that I was throwing the ball harder and harder; that, combined with my bad aim, and the crazy bounce caused the Huck to fly over the fence. Happily, our friendly neighbors let me get it out of their yard so the game could continue!

    Elanor also enjoyed carrying her Huck around the house - showing it to anyone who was interested (clearly everyone ;-)
    We did not leave her alone with it, but she did do some bit of chewing on it, and it does not seem any worse for the wear! Fantastic for our little, yellow lab who loves to chew!