Sunday, September 13, 2009

Look Out Hollywood, Here Comes Asia!!

Now, we'll be the first to admit that we have lots of great dogs in the HOTLR program. In fact, we think all of them are pretty darn special. But now, we have a real star in the making. Check out Miss Asia with Ray Hebert, HOTLR's Fundraising Coordinator, on Good Day Austin's Pet of the Week segment.

Asia came to us from a shelter in Waco with a cancerous tumor on her side. But not to worry, Asia had the tumor removed with clean margins, and she is now cancer free. She is 100 percent healthy and waiting to be adopted. And Asia is no diva. The way she is on television is the way she is in real life, sweet, warm and full of affection. She will sit be your side forever soaking in love and attention. You can see how Joe Bickett, the host of Good Day Austin, falls instantly in love.

Just before going on Asia was dancing with two of the stars of the Musical Ballroom with a Twist. She met them in the Green room.

Now a piece of "behind the scenes" info. After the segment was completed, Mr. Bickett commented on how Asia was probably one of the most well-mannered pets they'd ever had on the show. He seemed pleasantly surprised.....we weren't. That's how wonderful ALL the dogs at HOTLR are.

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