Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trail Run with your Dog!!

So, I think I'm going to try it...I'm going to try trail running with my Lab. I tried running with one of my dogs once before. Often I pictured myself and Cayman, running the streets of my neighborhood, everyone admiring my athletic fitness and that of my dog. So one day, I laced up my running shoes and strapped on Cayman's halter and leash and we were off.

Unfortunately, I forgot that part of the joy of walking for a dog is stopping.....frequently..... Oh the smells that await a young Labrador's nose, oh the aromas. And, of course, there is the grass and the fact they are hunting dogs. A trail must be left behind to mark where they've been and warn others that this is their new territory claimed by squatter's rights. I spent the first 10 minutes looking as if I was hooked up to a bungee cord - me at one end, Cayman on the other, ping-ponging from roadside to grass and back again.

Did I mention that Cayman suffers from chronic colitis? That means he's been on a high fiber low fat diet all of his life. You know what that kind of diet does for a dog? It keeps his colon happy....and clean. So after a good liquid dousing of every bush and plant along the roadside, Cayman found just the right spot and he proceeded to unload right on the side of the road. He's a 90lb dog. I assume no pictures are necessary. There was no hiding that mound or pretending a "wild animal" had dropped it. So far, the only sweat I'd broken was from lifting the plastic bag containing the remains of Cayman's previous night's dinner. This was not going well.

But I'm ready to try it again. This time with Rio (pictured above practicing her trail running skills. Cayman has since retired from running due to two ACL repairs. He has taken up swimming instead.) Rio, on the other hand is the perfect size. She is a svelte 64lbs and a little easier to manage. She has healthy knees. She isn't on a high fiber diet and genuinely seems more interested in the act of movement (rather than that of investigation) when on a walk.

So a friend of mine sent me a flier - How to Run with Your Dog (and not be dragged down the trail by you pup) sponsored by Texas Iron Events* and led by Shari Elkins. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Behavior Consultant. Sounds like the perfect class for Rio and me.

The class is Sunday, November 15th at 2pm and will last for 1.5 hours. The cost is $20. The class meets at Hill Country Running Company located at 215 South Lamar Blvd., Suite E, Austin, TX 78704. Look for the Bridges Condo building, across from Scholtsky's Deli. HCRC is located on the first floor. There is free parking in the first floor garage next to LIFT cafe. Wanna join us?

Here's the info: http://www.texasiron.net/TxIronNews.htm. Once you've entered the link, scroll down to see the Trail Running class info.

Hope to see you there!!!!

*Texas Iron's mission is to provide quality training and coaching in a safe and positive environment. Our coaches are hands on, and are considered the top in their field. We strive to make fitness and health a priority in one's life thru fun and exciting training programs and we like to add in a variety of options for athletes. We believe that training and competing should be viewed as a happy addition to one's hobbies!

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