Monday, January 25, 2010

Four Paws Up for the Bow Wow Workout

Those holiday pounds still hanging around? How about your canine partner? Could he/she stand to lose a few? Want to get fit before swimsuit season and need some company to help you out? Well, I've got the answer for you. Austin Dog Alliance, a 501(c)3 dedicated to training dogs to live harmoniously in the home and the community, has created a class called Bow Wow Workout. The dual purpose of the class is to provide a unique fun way to get fit with your dog and to "get the dog out of the backyard", according to President Debi Krakar.

The class is an hour long, meets three days a week and offers a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Personal Dog Trainers to aid you in a variety of exercises designed to get you in tip top shape. Exercise classes include a cardio portion, strength training exercises, core strengthening session and a cool down/canine massage portion. Your pup will stay busy running from workout station to workout station with you. He can also cheer you on during your toughest challenges. He may even get some agility work in while you both dart in and out of cones, and throw and chase the medicine ball. Good behavior is reinforced as he sits and stays while you lift weights. Frequent treating and doggy water breaks help your pup re-energize.

Last Tuesday, I gave it a go, and both my dog and I were tired at the end of class. My muscles were sore from the squats and tricep workout. Medicine balls, oversized rubber bands, dumbbells and yoga mats are all provided to aid you in the exercises. All you need to bring for your pup is a leash, some treats and a closed bag to keep the treats in (so they don't pop out all over the ground during your jumping jacks). Don't forget that the trainers available to give you tips on performing the exercises in the safest and most effective manner and to advise you on how to keep your dog engaged.

So, if you're ready to work hard so you can strut your stuff this summer, check out the Austin Dog Alliance Bow Wow Workout. Both you and your pet will get healthy and have fun at the same time. Be sure to check the Austin American Statesman on Feb. 1 to see some HOTLR dogs in action at one of the training classes. Don't hesitate, sign up now. Check out this link for more information on how to get started: ADA Bow Wow Workout

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