Monday, March 15, 2010

Let's Hear it for the Seniors!!

It's no secret that older dogs are often passed by at animal shelters by adopters that don't understand the value of a more mature dog. At HOTLR, we look beyond the age of the dogs we evaluate. In fact, it is impossible for us to know the real age of many of our dogs because often we don't have their full history. It's what we see in their heart and soul that bring them into the HOTLR family. Below we've listed a few reasons why we think more mature Labs make such great companions:

10) They already have manners.

9) They understand that "play time" has a definitive start and end.

8) They LOVE to take naps and watch really long, boring movies.

7) It is not necessary to train for a marathon or invest in a automated pitching machine to wear them out.

6) The white in their muzzles make them look distinguished and sophisticated.

5) They do not bark as much; they've learned to speak volumes with their eyes.

4) They have learned that your shoes, books and furniture are not chew toys.

3) "Going for a ride" does not always have to end at the park or the lake. They are perfectly happy going to the bank, grocery store or pretty much anywhere as long as it's with you.

2) They are great babysitters and teachers for younger dogs.

And the Number One Reason to Adopt an Older Dog:

1) They know they don't have the face of an 8 week old puppy. They know their chances are limited. They know what it's like to feel safe and loved and to lose it. So, they will bond to you faster and harder. They will never forget it was you that saved them. They will be loyal to you forever. That is their gift to you.

To learn more about the dogs pictured here as well as other senior members of the HOTLR family, please click here Labs Available for Adoption for more information.


  1. Could not have said it better... Thanks Marcy!

  2. These guys are my faves!!!!!!! noone under 3 in my house!

  3. That brought a tear to my eye.

  4. I couldn't agree more. Having 9+ and 6+ year old "puppies", I can't imagine keeping up with a youngster.

  5. I'm not sure that our precious elders know their chances are limited. We adopt only elder Labs (oldest is 14). They tend to get several years younger after they settle in here. Every walk is the best walk of their lives. Every meal is the best they've ever eaten. Every time you drive in the carport it's the most exciting arrival they've ever experienced.

    Pups simply do not have the same sort of memory faculties as human critters. Every day is bright and new. I vote to treat them like the puppies they are at heart. It seems to give them a certain lightness and joy.

    Might be wrong. Often am. But this works in our dog house.

    Whether you adopt an old fart or a young puppy, you're doing a great, great kindness and good -- and you get back far more than you expend.

  6. Loved how you put it! We have 4 labs in the immediate family and all are older. Wouldn't trade them for anything.

  7. I got my first dog at 16, a tiny little black puppy...with really big feet! She grew to be a very sweet black lab/border collie/newfie mix. Our family had her for 13 wonderful years. Now we have a black lab/terrier mix who has a totally different temperament, but is just as loved. She will be 3 next month, and I am eagerly awaiting the end of her 'puppy' time :) I am seriously considering adopting another dog, and I would pick a senior because I can't keep up with the younger dogs due to health problems. Older dogs are usually good with kids too, as long as the kids are taught how to play with them properly. Lets hear it for labs, young and old!