Friday, August 6, 2010

HOTLR gets Bucks from a Duck!!

HOTLR's newest donor is not a human...nor does he have fur....and although he is a bird, he technically has no feathers. He is a rubber ducky - one dressed as the University of Oregon's mascot Donald Duck based on the cartoon character of the same name.

Round Rock Sertoma is an international volunteer service organization dedicated to SErvice TO MAnkind. For the last 35 years, the Round Rock chapter has dedicated itself to helping speech and hearing impaired children, as well as other charities. One of the charity's several fundraising events includes the Sertoma Central Texas Rubber Duck Race.

This highly anticipated event takes place during Round Rock's Frontier Days Festival held July 4 (although this year's race was postponed until July 16 due to weather). Donors assess many rubber duck specimens in an attempt to purchase the fastest duck. Once the donor has made his/her decision, the duck is dressed up and then the big race is on. Rubber duck owners sweat it out at the finish line, as their prized ducks madly paddle their way to victory. The Oregon Duck fought its way to a 3rd place finish. After much consultation with his human owner, Ken Scholz (pictured above with Donald and HOTLR President Margaret Huston), Donald decided to donate his $200 prize to none other than Heart of Texas Lab Rescue!!!

HOTLR would like to take this opportunity to give four paws up and a HUGE thank you to Donald and his human, Ken Scholz!!!

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