Monday, October 18, 2010

HOTLR Alum Dahlia (now Della) is a Rave Retriever

We are a rescue group. Our dogs come from all over central Texas. Ninety-nine percent of our dogs come from animal shelters that practice euthanasia due to overpopulation. Sometimes we know a little of the history of our dogs. For instance, we might know that they were surrendered because their family was forced to move to a new place that didn't allow pets, or maybe the family that had them prior deemed them too "unruly" in the behavior department. Maybe they grew too big, too fast.

Lots of times our dogs are strays. We don't know anything except what the shelter can tell us based on the few minutes their volunteers spend with them each day. Lots of times we learn things about them when we visit with them at the shelter before bringing them into the program. Of course, even then, it's hard to tell. That's why our fosters are so important. In foster homes, these shelter dogs thrive in clean, stable, safe environments very much like the ones in which they will ultimately be placed. This is where their true personalities come out, where they really start to shine....

Sometimes I am amazed that some people think that rescue dogs can't do the things that other purebred dogs can do. That they are somehow a lesser representative of the breed. True, they may not all be "show ring ready", but they have the same ability and desire to live up to their "name". They can become drug dogs, or therapy dogs, or agility dogs, or hunting dogs. They can do what any other Lab can do with the proper care, love and training.

Most of you know this already. You've been following us a long time. And this blog is really about a success story. This is "the thing" that keeps volunteers and donors coming back...time after time...for more. This is the story of Dahlia. She was a one year old pup when she came to us. She did spend some time receiving formal training, but she was a dog that needed her puppy energy channeled in the right direction. She was known as a fence jumper if she was left alone too long. She got bored...and lonely. Dahlia needed a "job", like lots of Labs do.

Enter the LeLaurin family of San Antonio. They adopted Dahlia and renamed her Della and she found her perfect match. But her story doesn't end there. She has been attending training classes at RAVE Retrievers. RAVE Retrievers established in 1981 and serving the San Antonio/New Braunfels area, has been training retrievers as gun dogs and in obedience as well as providing boarding services ever since. Della is learning to be a hunting dog. She's got her puppy paws full of retrieving, sitting, waiting, listening, watching, and running. What more could a Labrador want? Della is even the star of her own short movie. Check her out: Della's Movie . Go Della!!!

To see her see her watch her be all she was meant to be...that is why we do what we do. That's why we keep coming back for more. Thanks to the LeLaurin Family for giving Della a chance and sharing Della's story. If you are interested in fostering, volunteering or donating to Heart of Texas Lab Rescue, visit our website: Heart of Texas Lab or email us at: . There are always other "Dellas" waiting in the wings...just for the chance...another chance to be all they were meant to be...

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  1. There is nothing like watching a dog do what it was bred to do. Love it!