Friday, March 4, 2011

New "Kids", Walks and Other Stuff

New Kids on the Block - This past week HOTLR welcomed 3 new Labs into the adoption program. Sundance is a big yellow boy and his litter/housemate Moonshine is a sweet black girl. Ginger is a large yellow girl who was hit by a car and is currently undergoing veterinary care to fix her dislocated hip. If you are interested in fostering one of these beauties, email us at To learn more about these pups and the other dogs in the HOTLR program, click here.

New Products for a Walk - Spring time is here and that means that you will be spending more time outside with your furry friend. Make sure you are prepared with all the proper gear.

Okay, so this first product is not new. We've talked about it before. But recently, we had someone inquire on our Facebook page about the Easy Walk Harnesses we use at HOTLR. I can't say enough about these harnesses. They work like magic. The difference between the Easy Walk Harness and other types of harnesses is that they attach to the leash in the front on the chest. This places pressure on the dog's chest when they pull and causes them to slow down. Other harnesses typically have leash attachment loops on the back. This creates pressure on the back and neck and could potentially hurt your dog. Additionally, with a leash attachment in the front, you can actually attach the leash to your dog's collar and to the harness simultaneously giving you extra control if you need it. They work even for the most challenging dog. Don't believe me? Give one a try. I bet you'll love it...The Easy Walk Harness is sold at most Petco and Petsmart locations. Also, check your local family owned pet store, or order on the Internet.

If you have multiple pets, sometimes it's a challenge to walk both at the same time. The leash coupler makes walking multiple dogs much easier. Two short extensions are connected by one main ring. Each of the leash extensions attach to the front ring of each of your dogs' harnesses. Then you attach one leash to the middle ring. Now you are able to walk two dogs at the same time with just one leash. Genius!! I actually have two couplers and walk three dogs at once!! So cool!! Available at Petsmart and Petco, you can also purchase your coupler here.
What about walking your dog at night? During the short days of winter and the hottest and most humid days of summer, it may make more sense to walk your dog after the sun goes down or before the sun comes up. Afraid that people may not see you? Check out the SeeSpot lighted dog collars. The dog collars contain LED lights and AAA batteries and are made of sturdy nylon. The collars are easily adjustable with velcro closures and come in both red and blue nylon.

Austinite Brad Beneski designed these collars after worrying about his deaf dog at night. Because his dog couldn't hear him, Brad wanted to make sure he could always see her. Hence, the SeeSpot collar was born. So not only do the collars alert other people to you and your pup, but they also allow you to keep a close eye on your dog at night.

On a recent walk at Turkey Creek dog park with Brad to demo the collars, I was surprised to discover that they are actually water resistant. Brad's dog, Sonny (a yellow Lab rescued from Town Lake Animal Shelter) had his on and was frolicking in the creek. The collar was completely submerged, but the lights kept on blinking. Brad did tell me that if the lights do go out if your dog overdoes it in the water, simply let the collar dry out over night.

These collars are not be used as a dog's main collar, but as a supplement to the collar he /she already has. There are no leash attachments or rings for identification tags. Also, the limited color selection may dissuade some designer dogs from their purchase. But remember, these collars are about safety and functionality....not fashion. To purchase your SeeSpot collar, click here.

Last, let's talk about the Chuck It Ball Launcher and the Chuck It Rubber Tennis Balls. If your retriever is an Olympic star (or maybe just a pup who enjoys a good chase), then these ball launchers are for you. They can launch the ball way further than this human arm can throw and there's a scoop at the end of the Chuck It launcher stick that keeps you from having to pick up a wet, slimy ball. The Chuck It used to come with tennis balls. As you know, tennis balls can hurt your dog's teeth as the outer covering of the ballacts as sand paper against tooth enamel. Recently, Chuck It started carrying their own brand of rubber ball that fits perfectly into the scoop. These rubber balls not only are better for your dog, but they last longer and float too! Perfect dog toy? You betcha!! The Chuck It ball launcher and Chuck It rubber balls can be found at any dog supply store including Petsmart, Petco and your local dog store. Of course, they can be purchased on-line as well.

California Pizza Kitchen - Don't forget it about the California Pizza Kitchen event that will be held March 9 and March 10. Both the Domain and Barton Creek Square Mall stores will give 20% of your purchases to Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. There is one small catch. You must show up with the HOTLR flyer. Think CPK is all about pizza? Not so fast, check out their menu of goodies here. Don't forget to Dine Out for HOTLR Dogs at CPK next week!!!


  1. Nice Blog Marcy!!! I bought my dog walking harness at Academy for about $10... very reasonable!