Saturday, August 20, 2011

HOTLR Needs Fosters!!

Heart of Texas Lab Rescue is looking for foster homes for several of our dogs. We find that dogs that dogs that are living in homes are more likely to be adopted then those at the kennel. The home environment is a golden opportunity for the HOTLR rescues to interact and learn to live in a family. This is an important first step in a rescue's recovery as it allows the pup to begin to rebuild their confidence and to begin to heal the wounds that have been left by abandonment.

We also are able to save critical dollars if we are able to keep the dogs at the kennel to minimum
, giving us more opportunity to focus on medical expenses and rescuing other dogs. Please read the note below from Margaret Huston the President of Heart of Texas Lab Rescue. Please help, if you can.

I have run almost all of the meet and greets for the past 9 years and have observed one interesting fact. When an applicant meets dogs that are being fostered in a home, and also meets dogs that are at the boarding kennel, more often than not the applicant adopts the dog from the foster home, not the dog from the kennel. We are fortunate to have the kennel, because without it many of our dogs would have been put to sleep at the shelter for lack of space on our end, but the reality is that these dogs do better and show better when they have a person who can discuss all aspects of their lives, not just the obedience they know.

I know school is getting ready to start again. That means many of you are done with your summer travels. Don't you want to foster a dog for us? We'll work with you on getting you the right fit! Right now we have 9 dogs at the kennel, and I have an additional 6 with me (two of mine came from the kennel this week and are adopted).

The dogs in need of foster homes are Shari, Zumba, Rocky, Dionne, Cricket, Gouda, Gonzo, Gizmo, Guapo, and Izzy. There are a few others that are special cases, too.

Let me know if you'd like to give fostering a try, or if you're ready to get back into it.

Please email if you are interesting in fostering an HOTLR dog.

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  1. Roger and I have expressed an interest in fostering. Let us know.