Monday, October 10, 2011

Trailer Food Trailer Parks Cater to Dogs Too

So looks like the weather has finally broken.  What better time of year to think about dining out with your pooch?  Austin's Food Trailers make dining with your dog especially easy.  Check out this article from guest blogger  Tiffany Harelik (above with daughter Callie and HOTLR Alum Bogey), HOTLR Adopter, Foster,  and Volunteer and Author.  Don't forget to check out Tiffany's tribute to Austin's Trailer Food Parks, the Trailer Food Diaries Cookbook.  Buy a cookbook, email and 10% of the cookbook's proceeds go to HOTLR!!  Tiffany will be appearing Wednesday, October 12th at Book People from 7pm until 9pm to sign autographed copies.  Every real Austin "foodie" could use one of these cookbooks, and I can't think of a better holiday gift. So go down to Book People, buy a few copies.  Support your local bookstore, local small food businesses, a local author and your favorite  rescue group all in one night!!!!

Dining Out with your Dog: Trailer Food Parks

Austin is one of many cities that have supported ‘trailer food’ during it’s growing pains.  Gourmet chefs have been serving their creative cuisine out of mobile trailers peppered throughout the city since 2006.  If you haven’t been to eat trailer food yet, allow me to persuade you to give them a try (with your dog).

Trailer food parks are great dog-friendly destinations.  Most food trailers offer dog treats and provide water bowls filled for dogs.  Eating at the trailer parks is fun because they allow you to dine al fresco and be served by the chef themself. Because different vendors are parked next to each other in groups of 2-8 trailers, it gives you multiple choices of what to eat in one location.  The prices are normally very reasonable, and many vendors offer seasonal menus.  Plus, it just feels good to support a local business while sporting man’s best friend.

Suggested manners for taking your dog to the food trailers:
1.       Keep your dog leashed at all times.
a.       Don’t let your dog chase squirrels and/or birds in the trailer park.
b.      Don’t let your dog mix and mingle freely with other dogs or people.
2.       Bring your own bag to clean up any mess (and please no peeing on the trailers).
3.       Be courteous of others who are dining – they don’t necessarily want a tail wagging in their plate or to listen to ongoing barking.
4.       Don’t feed your dog ‘people food’ in the park – it encourages begging others.
5.       Although most trailers provide water bowls, bring your own water bowl, just in case.

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Check out the list below for some great choices!! 

Ok, they aren’t quite dog parks, but they are dog-friendly.  Before you head out, double check with each trailer’s social media page for updates on locations and hours.  Do not rely on Yelp, blogs, or other commentary.  Here are a few pockets of trailers to put on your radar.  These lists are not comprehensive:

East 6th
1.       The East Side Drive In (East sixth between San Marcos St. and Medina)
·         Pig Vicious: pork inspired grub
·         the Local Yolk: egg sandwiches
·         Bits and Druthers: fish and chips
·         Pueblo Viejo: tacos

2.       6th and Waller
·         Lucky J’s: Chicken and Waffles
·         Rockin Rolls: sandwiches, but in rolls
·         Spartan Pizza: pizza
·         Way South Philly: cheesesteaks
South First
1.       Bouldin Creek Food Court (1st & Gibson)
·         Soco to Go: home cooking
·         Kat’s: Ice Cream
·         Thai Trailer: Thai
2.       South Austin Trailer Park and Eatery (1st & Elizabeth)
·         Torchy’s Tacos: Tacos
·         Holy Cacao: Cakeballs
·         Coming soon to this park: Conscious Cravings
·         Note: This park has a unique barn for special events which you can book for parties
3.       SoFi Food Court (1st and Live Oak)
·         Azafran: Venezuelan cuisine
·         Arancini: Italian comfort food
·         Grill Haven: Sandwiches and Wraps
·         Heads Up Tacos: tacos
South Lamar
1.       1200 block:
·         Gourdoughs: big fat doughnuts
·         Odd Duck: Farm to Trailer
·         Trey’s Cuisine: kabobs and more
2.       between the Saxon Pub and the Highball:
·         La Boite Café: local, bistro
·         Texas Cuban: Cuban sandwiches
3.       Hitched up to the Gibson bar:
·         Luke’s Inside Out: Creative gourmet sandwiches
Downtown area
1.       2nd and Congress
·         Patika: Coffee
·         Turf n Surf: Poboys
·         Kebablicious: Kebabs
·         Sushi Box: Sushi
2.       Longhorn Food Court (MLK and Rio Grande)
·         Cajun food at Lee’s Hurricane Party,
·         vegetarian cuisine at Conscious Cravings, or some
·         Asian fusion options at Yummy Bowl.
3.       South Congress (1800 block)
·         Wurst Tex: gourmet sausages
·         Hey Cupcake!: cupcakes
·         Mighty Cone: their slant on tacos

Barton Springs, East Caesar Chavez, and the Rainey District all have notable trailers and food trailer parks.  A list of Austin trailers along with stories and recipes can be found online at  

From your HOTLR family we thank you, Tiffany!!!! HOTLR volunteers are the very best!!


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