Friday, October 12, 2012

Dylan's Dilemma

Dylan hams it up for the camera!!

When HOTLR walks into an animal shelter, there is no way for us to know what we may find.  We only know the very basics of the dogs we look at - male or female, approximate age, their color.

What we cannot know are the stories they have to tell.  Why dogs that seem so happy, healthy and perfect are sitting in a 2 foot by 6 foot run scared and alone.  They cannot tell us the reasons that brought them to the shelter. But it’s our job to rescue these dogs and give them a second chance.

When we pull the dogs from the animal shelter to join the HOTLR program, we make a promise to them the moment they enter “the Sweet Pickle” gherkin-colored transport van.  HOTLR will to the very best of our ability “fix what’s broke” and get these dogs into the best possible home we can find.

Over the weeks, as they join foster families, we begin to discover the things about them that make them unique.  Maybe they have a cute way of letting you kow they are hungry.  Perhaps, they have a mad, crazy ball drive.    Maybe they like cats, maybe they don’t.  Are they really the mellow couch potato they protrayed themselves to be in the shelter, or are they “ninety to nothin’ Nascar worthy racers”?  These are some of the joys of fostering....watching your shelter dog unfold into the dog they are meant to be.

Sometimes however, we find that they are less than perfect.  Maybe it’s a behavior issue that’s easily fixed with some training.  But sometimes it’s a health issue.  Sometimes it’s easy - skin allergies that clear up with the proper food, a wound that needs attention and antibiotics.  Sometimes it’s much more serious - a knee injury that requires surgery, a hip that is so malformed the only hope is replacement.

Such is the case with Dylan.  Dylan is a sweet laid back chocolate 3 year old.  Recently, he began to show painful symptoms in the hind end of his body.  Then one day, his back end completely gave out and he was unable to get up.  A visit to the doctor and a few xrays later, Dylan was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia.  He was referred to a specialist.  The visit to the specialist resulted in the recommendation for a total hip replacement.

And this is where we need you.  Dylan’s surgery will not be cheap.  The recommended procedure costs $4,000 in addition to several weeks of physical therapy afterwards.  HOTLR makes a promise to each dog we take in.....we will fix what’s broke...but sometimes we need a little help to keep our promise.  

Can you make a donation to help this sweet boy get the care he needs and give him the second chance he deserves?  Click on this link: HOTLR Donations to donate via Paypal (scroll down the page to the PayPal logo).  Make sure to put “Dylan’s surgery” in the description line so we can properly thank you.  You can also mail a check to: 

Heart of Texas Lab Rescue, Inc.
PO Box 81821
Austin, TX 78708-1821

Whatever you can give is always appreciated.  Just do it for Dylan......

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