Thursday, December 3, 2009

HOTLR says, "Oh Baby, Baby!!! We've Been Busy!!"

Whew!!! HOTLR has had a busy last couple of weeks. A very successful wine tasting/silent auction at the historic San Antonio Fairmont Hotel had us pretty busy during the beginning of November....but what a blast!!! Check out the pics from this event. Click on the link below:

Heart Of Texas Lab Evening Of Giving

Thanks to all of you who had a chance to attend!!! Look for this to become an annual event with a tentative date for 2010 to be scheduled during the October/November timeframe. More details to follow.

Since the auction, we've had another very important job to do. That's to find homes for 21 HOTLR puppies. We can hardly believe that our babies are ready to go. Juno and Eden proved to be fabulous moms along with lots of help from Aunties HOTLR president Margaret Huston and HOTLR rescue Miss Millie, but these puppies are ready to find their forever families. To help us find the right homes, HOTLR board member Jo Albertson and HOTLR volunteer Mimi Studley have been hard at work reviewing adopter applications, organizing phone interviews and performing home studies. We have some great families taking home our pups thanks to their hard work and that of other HOTLR volunteers.

After all the administrative details were completed, the real fun began - the puppy party!!! We held our first party on November 22nd. Check out the pics from this awesome event.

PuppyParty November 22, 2009

Seven of our babies started their new lives with their forever families that day. Our second puppy party is December 6th with 8 more families scheduled to visit with pups. Stay tuned for more pics of puppies, puppies, puppies....But don't worry, you haven't missed all the fun. If you are interested in adopting a new baby or know someone who is, check out our website for all the details on how to get your hands on one of these beautiful bundles of joy. Of course, if the thought of raising a puppy is a little scary to you, we have plenty of wonderful older dogs who would love to be in a new home as well. Not sure you are ready to commit, think about fostering for HOTLR. It's an incredibly rewarding experience. Check out our website for more info:

Finally, as we rush head on into the crazy holiday season, HOTLR would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your support and interest in our group. It's because of our donors, adopters and volunteers that we can continue to save the lives of so many deserving Labradors. We wish you peace, love and Labs during this holiday season and into 2010.

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