Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Step Out and Fetch a Chewy Shoe for your Christmas Dog

Still trying if figure out what to get that difficult dog on your Christmas list? If your dog has been more nice than naughty this year, you might try stuffing their stockings with a Dogtags Chewy Shoe. The Chewy Shoe is 100% made in the USA and manufactured in conjunction by Fetchdog, a Portland based dog supply company, and by Vibram, a rubber soling company that makes the majority of boots used by the US military. Constructed from non-toxic rubber in patriotic red, white and blue, the toy resembles the sole of a boot. A tough, hiking style cord is threaded through the middle toe area of the toy, allowing for easy tossing and encouraging games of fetch, hide and seek and tug of war.

You can feel good about giving this toy too. The Chewy Shoe retails for $16.75, but $2 of the proceeds spent on this unique toy goes to the Puppies Behind Bars program sponsored by DogTags. This program utilizes inmates to train Labrador and Golden Retriever service dogs for disabled war veterans. Puppies live with their incarcerated trainers and grow into well-disciplined well-loved dogs aiding in the rehabilitation of their trainers as well. To learn more about Puppies Behind Bars, click on this link: puppiesbehindbars.com.

Wonder if your dog will play with this toy? When the toy first arrived at my house, I laid it on the floor in the middle of the living room. Soon, Rio went over to check it out. She sniffed it and looked at us. Of course, we have taught her that chewing on shoes is a "no-no", so she asked us for approval before picking it up. With our encouragement she was soon running around the house with it in her mouth, although she prefers carrying it by the rope as opposed to the sole. Here is the only drawback I find with the design - some dogs may be encouraged to chew on/play with real shoes due to their similarity to the toy, especially flip flops. So, as always keep a close eye on your pup and make sure they play with toys especially made for them. With supervision, this will be a great toy for you and your dog to play with together. Check out this video footage and pictures of Rio having a good time with the Chewy Shoe.

To purchase the Chewy Shoe and other goodies on your dog's Christmas list, be sure to check out Fetchdog. Along with the $2 donation from the Chewy Shoe, Fetchdog donates 6% of its total sales to the Puppies Behind Bars program. Currently, Fetchdog is offering free shipping on every purchase. To shop online at Fetchdog, click here: Fetchdog.com.

All of us at Heart of Texas Lab Rescue wish you a peaceful and Labby holiday.


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